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In today’s modern business world, it is absolutely essential to stand out from your competition and make a great first impression. In most situations, you only have a few seconds to grab the attention of today’s overly distracted consumers. Plastic business cards are one advantage that will give you and your business the best chance of turning an initial contact into a paying customer by creating a professional and long-lasting first impression.

Traditionally, business cards have been one of the most widely used marketing tools for businesses and high-quality plastic business cards are the best choice you can make to represent you and your business. They are an easy way to create an immediate professional impression on your customers. Today, businesses are searching for new and innovative ways to stand out among the competition and to always be the first choice for their potential customers. Most successful businesses and organizations have started to implement plastic business cards, custom plastic gift cards, customer loyalty cards, membership cards, and plastic gift cards which have many advantages over typical paper stock business cards. Plastic cards will give your business a chance to create a brand identity and uniqueness that will make you stand out from your competitors.

As you know, the first impression not only is important, it means everything. Using plastic business cards is something that instantly attracts your customers’ attention. When you’re handed a business card, what do you remember? Do you remember the quality of the card? Did you remember the design or logo? Having a well-designed plastic business card will help you differentiate your brand and also help your customers remember you, your products or services.

The Many Benefits of Plastic Business Cards

To better understand how modern businesses will benefit from the use of plastic business cards we have listed a few reasons that make them a much better choice than standard paper stock business cards. In today’s super competitive business environment, these advantages can be the difference between your business success and your business failure. Implementing high-quality plastic business cards is one of the easiest ways to guarantee success. Some of the benefits of plastic cards are given below:

So why are companies switching to plastic to promote their businesses?

1. Attractive Modern Design

The look or design of your business or brand is often the first thing consumers will see about your business, and it can say a lot about you and your company. A well-designed plastic business card can instantly deliver a message about your business and its values. With plastic business cards, design options are only limited by your imagination. They can consist of a nearly unlimited color palette, transparent cards or even cards with built-in computer chip functions. Companies can also opt for a luxury or boutique feel using designs featuring silver or gold designs on dark backgrounds. The colors on plastic card stock are deep, rich and long-lasting. This produces a beautifully detailed plastic card that can remain in your customers’ possession for a long period of time.

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2. Durability

All plastic business cards have one thing in common: they are extremely durable.

Plastic business cards are incredibly well made, long lasting and can last nearly forever. Modern plastic business cards are made of durable plastic polymers and are many times more durable than your standard paper business cards. Plastic cards are also less likely to show wear and damage over long periods of time. Additionally, they are resistant to fading and water damage. Plastic business cards are very popular with businesses that work in the elements or in extreme environments. These businesses can include building contractors, gardeners, boat operators, water parks and many others. Plastic business cards are very versatile and can be used in a wide variety of ways and because of their durability and resistance to wear they will last for a much longer period of time.

Plastic Card Stock Can Even Be Eco-Friendly

Recycling old plastic business cards into new cards helps reduce waste and will keep older cards from being thrown out.  There are also plastic cards that bio-degrade and decompose in a few years when they come into contact with organic materials like soil and compost. If your business wants to reduce its environmental impact then eco-friendly recycled business cards are the perfect answer.

3. Plastic Business Cards Leave a Lasting First Impression.

If you want to make a great first impression, a plastic business card can help you accomplish this with one glance. They can also help you make an impression that reflects the professionalism and values of your business.

The typical plastic card has a much longer life span than a traditional paper card, which means that your customers will keep them longer, and your business’s contact information on the card will last just as long. So, if you want to keep your business cards from being thrown away be sure it makes a lasting impression on your customer and conveys your intended message. This means that when people look at your business card for the first time, they will instantly have a well-defined and long-lasting impression of the products or services you are offering. High-quality plastic cards will create an impressive long-lasting impression every time you hand one out.

4. Unlimited Design Options

The first contact people have with your business is usually your brand design or logo and that can say a lot about you and your product or service. Creating a modern plastic card design that conveys the image you want to convey is vital. Create the best possible image by creating a design that consists of multiple rich colors and a font that is easy to read. The colors that are printed onto the card are deep and rich making them very detailed business cards.  Plastic cards come in an unlimited variety of sizes, shapes, and colors and they can have unlimited options for design. There are numerous plastic business card options to choose from including transparent business cards, foil stamped business cards, cards with electronic chips, matte or glossy plastic business cards. All of these options make it easier to create the exact image you want to represent your business or brand.

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5. Plastic Business Cards Create a Professional Look

A good looking, well-designed plastic business card gives your company an immediate professional impression. If your company has put that much attention to detail and thought into a high-quality plastic business card design, then you must have put that same high level of attention in other aspects of your business as well. These cards will make you stand out and portray a very noticeable positive image for your business.

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6. Plastic Cards Create a Luxurious Image

A well-designed plastic business card will immediately impress when you hand it out. Plastic business cards convey a higher quality image than cheap paper stock cards, and that’s something people will notice as soon as they see your card. This automatically makes people associate your company or brand with one that’s more luxurious and more professional than your competition. Plastic cards can also be specifically designed to project an image of luxury for uses such as VIP cards, membership cards or business cards. This effect can be accomplished by including gold or silver print on a dark background or creating a sleek ultra-modern design. These luxury cards look amazing and create a great positive image for your business.

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7. Plastic Cards have a subtle perceived value.

A plastic business card can have the look and the feel of a credit card and that adds an intrinsic perceived value. This means that your customers will associate your card and your company with a heightened sense of worth when they see your plastic business card. This perceived value increases the chances that your customers will keep the card and not toss it out.

8. Stand Out from the Competition

Plastic business cards give your business a uniqueness that helps your brand or company stand out from your competition. A professionally designed card says a lot about a business’ values and your commitment to excellence. A well-designed business card will grab your customers attention and encourage them to pick it up and draw attention to your company. There are times when a company wants to be unique and stand out from the crowd and this goal can be accomplished by using high-quality custom-made plastic cards.

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9. Plastic Cards Have Versatile Uses

Plastic cards can be used in a multitude of different situations due to their durability and ability to offer high-quality graphics. They can leave a lasting impression on the people you interact with, which in turn can make your company the first one that comes to mind when they need your product or service. With such a huge range of uses, plastic cards are attractive to many businesses.

Plastic is a material that has many uses and comes in almost every shape, size, and color imaginable. Plastic card stock business cards can be used for a nearly unlimited variety of purposes. They can be used for your business cards, customer loyalty cards, discount cards, gift cards, VIP cards, membership cards and just about any other type of card you can think of. With such a wide variety of uses, most businesses should take advantage of printing on plastic.  With plastic cards being so versatile in their use, customers may finally have more reasons to pick up and hold onto your plastic card.

10. Plastic Cards Can Incorporate Electronic Chips

Plastic cards can also incorporate electronic chips that can be programmed to interact with machines, scanner, cell phones, and computers in a variety of ways. Plastic cards also have the ability to incorporate Near Field Communication (NFC) functions. Near Field Communication is accomplished with a chip that is located inside of the plastic card that allows for the customer to instantly transfer all the data from your card into their phone or any other NFC compatible device by just being in the vicinity of your plastic card with an NFC chip. This reduces the need for your customers to transfer all of your information manually. This feature also has the added benefit of ensuring they have permanently stored all of your data easily and correctly into their cell phone or contact list for future reference.

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Plastic cards with electronic chips can also be reprogrammed over and over by simply using a program or app. This means plastics cards never become outdated. The other major advantage is the information you decide to send to your customer can change over time or be adapted to suit an event or specific purpose. For example, you can use NFC chips to send an event notice to a customer’s phone or a blog link to check out your latest business events. The uses for reprogrammable plastic cards are endless with NFC and electronic computer chips.

Plastic Business Cards are One of the Best Ways to Grow Your Business

The plastic card industry is evolving and expanding exponentially. With new printing technologies and increasing consumer interest businesses are transitioning from the traditional paper card to more modern plastic business cards. This means plastic business cards are an affordable and easy upgrade for most businesses.

Printing cards in plastic means that they will be in circulation for a very long time and continue representing your business or brand. It takes a lot of use to wear out a plastic card, which is why many companies are now looking to plastic for their cards.

In today modern business world, it’s important to take advantage of every opportunity to stand out from your competitors and to be associated with professionalism, quality, and luxury. There are many situations when a plastic card will offer businesses additional benefits, and First impressions count for everything. If you’re giving someone a business card at a networking event, whether it’s a loyalty card, business card or an information card, being noticed and remembered is your number one priority. The advantages of plastic cards will make you stand out from the crowd and elevate your brand above the competition. The bottom line is that your business is missing out if you do not incorporate plastic business cards.