In 2017 more small businesses were approved for loan requests than in any of the 10 previous years, and that number is expected to increase even more in 2018!

That means more and more people are taking the leap of faith and navigating the difficulties of starting, establishing, and growing a business!

Which let’s face it, isn’t an easy task!

Considering everything that goes into running a successful company, we here at Best Plastic Cards want to take some time and illustrate the power of how business cards, if used properly, can make the process of growing a company just a little bit easier!

You may be thinking, aren’t business cards a bit outdated?


Why waste money on business cards when they are just going to get thrown into a junk drawer, like I do with all mine?

This article will empower you and your employees with the tools and ideas to alleviate both concerns and much more, by outlining 4 creative ways to start receiving value from your business cards! This creativity will increase revenues, expand market presence, and potentially reduce your marketing cost.

Using Plastic Business Cards as Raffle Cards

One of the biggest issues with business cards is they provide little to no value for the person to which they’re handed out. Outside of the odd chance this potential customer, partner, or employee can’t find your information on the web, the card doesn’t bring much value to them.

That’s where the idea of using your business card as a raffle ticket comes in. Everyone loves to win something, and they love it even more when they don’t spend anything to win it! Instead of handing out cards in the hopes someone will look at it and keep it, hand it out with initial “value” in-tact. That value is tying the card into a daily, weekly, monthly, or even quarterly raffle.

While many businesses take the time to ask patrons and potential customers to drop their card for a raffle, few use their own for the same purpose. By simply numbering your cards before handing them out you can now effectively use them as a device to keep customers, partners, or potential employees engaged with your business and brand.

The Clear Business Card Doubles as Appointment Card

Put a pin in it! Or just give them your unique clear plastic business card!

Traditionally the use of business cards as an appointment reminder, is a pretty normal thing. You’ve seen doctors’ offices do it all the time, Insurance Agents writing meeting times for potential clients, and everyone from plumbers to the cable company leaving them for home visits.

What we haven’t seen though is someone using a unique card like these amazing transparent business cards to keep a customer’s attention!

You are already setting meetings and appointments with your customers so why not use a unique business card that stands out to remind clients and customers of upcoming meetings, while making sure they hold onto your contact information and hopefully show others your card!

Simply hand them out when you set an appointment and increase the chances they are held onto while simultaneously increasing brand awareness.

Business Cards as An Event Ticket

This is another great idea to expand the value of your clear business cards to those potential clients, customers, partners, or employees you hand them to!

Think about it, business cards make a terrific event ticket! They are small, compact, and if the event is at your office, they already have the location on it. What better way to get someone to pay attention to and keep your business card than to tie it to entrance into an exciting event!

This is a perfect way to tie value into your business card outside of your personal contact information. Now that individual will be thinking about you and your company every time they think about the event, leading up to it and even after it has finished! That’s some powerful space to occupy, and its all generated from your card!

Business Cards = Loyalty Cards

Customers LOVE loyalty cards will enjoy having a loyalty card for your business. According to a study conducted by Accenture, “77% of consumers participate in a retail loyalty program, 46% have joined a hotel program, and 40% are part of an airline program–up from 72%, 36%, and 31% over the last year, respectively.”

Imagine being able to tap into this market without making a huge investment, simply by using your business card as your customer loyalty cards!

Naturally plastic business cards are the perfect size for customers to easily hold onto, simultaneously making it easy to punch, stamp, or note every time a purchase is made! It’s proven that loyalty cards will drive customers back to your business time and time again, creating a commitment between you and your customers. Using your business cards to implement this program is a simple way to get into the action!

Time for Action

There you have it, four great ways to use your business cards to your advantage and optimize their impact! Handing out cards is simple when you’ve got client meetings, cold walks, networking events, trade shows, and conferences jam packed onto your calendar. But keeping those cards in the sight of your customers and providing value through them can be very difficult!

Don’t allow that to keep you from getting your name out there! Use these ideas and some of your own to get creative and find ways to provide value through your business cards. Start working smarter and allow your business card and the people around you do some of that work for you.

At the end of the day face to face interaction beats any other form of marketing but we all know that just isn’t realistic. So, when you and your team can’t be there, make sure your card is; as often as possible, on the forefront of your client, partner, and potential employees mind!